How to Install S7 edge theme store On S5 Exynos G900H/T 

To install theme store on your Galaxy s5 G900H follow the steps.

You have to be on marshmallow with root access.



2.System edit the model no from G900H to G935F which is of the s7 edge and reboot.

4.extract the theme store zip and place the two folders in the priv apps which u will get under the system folder.

5.set the correct permission for apks that is 

rw r r 


6.last replace the default twz launcher with the twz launcher provided here which is for g900h exynos models only.

This inturn will make ur S5 G900H more faster.


1.theme store files for g900h only below


2.touchwiz launcher s7 themed

Link: Xda Thread

After all this reboot to take changes.

Im not responsible if u brick ur phone

so plz make a backup of the apk and always enable toolbox in which u should add root browser app if something goes wrong u can use the toolbox to get into the root browser app N make the things as it was.

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