Top 5 Methods/Ways to hack A Wifi Password From Android Without Root/Root

Top five most useful methods to crack a wifi password from android Device  Wpa2|Wep|Wps|Wpa

You want to hack somebody’s wifi then your phone must have this apps or settings.This methods works flawlessly without root and if your rooted then its more useful.

Apps for Rooted And Non Rooted Phones.

  • Wps Wpa tester(For Rooted And Non Rooted Phones)Link
  • Androdumpper (works with rooted as well as non rooted phones)Link
  • Router Admin(works with any android)Link
  • Also can be viewed via Data/misc/wifi/wifi supplicant
  • Wps button behind every router

      Wps Push Method works best for non rooted user

if you know the wps pin then u can use the androdumpper app to connect to router without the need of root

this method works with root.

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